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Although there have been several partial collections, there is no complete edition of Collins's works.

Sampson Low

Wilkie Collins collected edition by Sampson Low.

Sampson Low during 1861-62 issued a 'cheap and uniform edition' of six titles with vignette frontispieces by Gilbert: Antonina; Basil; Hide and Seek; The Dead Secret; The Queen of Hearts; The Woman in White.  They added a one volume edition of No Name in 1864 for 'Low's Favourite Library of Popular Books'.


Smith, Elder

Basil - 1871 Smith, Elder edition in green cloth

After Dark - 1876 Smith, Elder edition in red and black cloth

The Dead Secret - 1871 Smith, Elder yellowback

1871 New Edition

1876 New Edition

1871 Yellowback


From 1865 Smith Elder added the copyright of the Sampson Low publications to After Dark and Armadale, publishing nine titles in various cheap editions, mainly pictorial boards or limp cloth.  The popular edition of 1872 also included The Moonstone.  Altogether they published the following ten titles:

Antonina; Basil; Hide and Seek; The Dead Secret; The Queen of Hearts; The Woman in White; No Name; After Dark; Armadale; The Moonstone.


Chatto & Windus

Wilkie Collins collected edition by Chatto & Windus

The Frozen Deep - Chatto & Windus Piccadilly Novels

Heart and Science - Chatto & Windus edition in green cloth.

The Black Robe - Chatto & Windus yellowback.

Piccadilly Novels

Small format with limp boards


Antonina - Chatto & Windus 6d paperback.

Jezebel's Daughter - Chatto & Windus Library Edition.

The Dead Secret - Chatto & Windus edition in paper wrappers.

Pictorial wrappers

Library edition

Tan paper wrappers


In 1875, Chatto & Windus acquired the copyright to most of the earlier titles (excluding Armadale, After Dark and No Name which remained with Smith Elder until 1890, and Bentley's A Rogue's Life); they published the majority of Collins's new works till 1889.  Chatto issued several cheap editions from 1875 in various formats, including the New Illustrated Library edition, Piccadilly Novels, and popular editions.  By 1890, they published twenty-nine titles which continued to be issued well into the twentieth century:  

Antonina, Basil, Hide and Seek, After Dark, The Dead Secret, The Queen of Hearts, The Woman in White, No Name, My Miscellanies, Armadale, The Moonstone, Man and Wife, Poor Miss Finch, The New Magdalen, Miss or Mrs?: and Other Stories in Outline, The Frozen Deep: and Other Stories, The Law and The Lady, The Two Destinies, A Rogue's Life, The Fallen Leaves, The Haunted Hotel, Jezebel's Daughter, The Black Robe, Heart and Science,"I Say No", The Guilty River, The Evil Genius, Little Novels, The Legacy of Cain, Blind Love.


Routledge published four works in pictorial boards between 1897 and 1898.  On the Continent, Tauchnitz in the Collection of British Authors published twenty-eight titles in fifty volumes between 1856 and 1890.


US Editions

The Law and the Lady - Harper's edition in wrappers.

My Lady's Money in Munro's Library of Popular Novels.

The Black Robe from Belford, Clarke of Chicago.

Harper's of New York George Munro of New York Belford, Clarke of Chicago

The Dead Secret from Peterson's of Philadelphia.

Heart and Science in Lovell's Library.

Peterson's of Philadelphia Lovell's Library of New York

In America, Harpers, New York, were Collins's main publishers.  They issued seventeen titles in a variety of formats between 1873 and 1902.

After Dark, and Other Stories; Antonina; Armadale; Basil; Hide and Seek; "I Say No"; Man and Wife; My Miscellanies; No Name; Poor Miss Finch; The Dead Secret; The Law and the Lady; The Moonstone; The New Magdalen; The Queen of Hearts; The Two Destinies; The Woman in White.


P. F. Collier, New York, published a thirty volume edition in 1900 but this is also not complete (reprinted AMS Press, New York 1970):

Vol. I - The Woman in White, part one, 12 Illustrations, 575 pages 
Vol. II - The Woman in White, part two and short stories: The Dead Alive, The Fatal Cradle, Fatal Fortune, Blow up with the Brig , 5 Illustrations, 558 pages
Vol. III - Man and Wife, part one, 12 Illustrations, 577 pages
Vol. IV - Man and Wife, part two and short stories: Miss or Mrs.?, The Frozen Deep, 5 Illustrations, 614 pages
Vol. V - The Law and the Lady, 7 Illustrations, 559 pages
Vol. VI - The Moonstone, part one, 15 Illustrations, 580 pages
Vol. VII - The Moonstone, part two and The New Magdalen, 11 Illustrations, 602 pages
Vol. VIII - Armadale, part one, 8 Illustrations, 579 pages
Vol. IX - Armadale, part two, 4 Illustrations, 575 pages
Vol. X - Basil and Little Novels: Mrs. Zant and the Ghost, Miss Morris and the Stranger, Mr. Lismore and the Widow, 9 Illustrations, 576 pages
Vol. XI - Hide and Seek, 9 Illustrations, 624 pages
Vol. XII - No Name, part one, 2 Illustrations, 576 pages
Vol. XIII - No name, part two and Little Novels: Mr. Cosway and the Landlady, Miss Mina and the Groom, 2 Illustrations, 576 pages 
Vol. XIV - The Queen of Hearts and Little Novels: Mr. Lepel and the Housekeeper, with frontispiece, 608 pages
Vol. XV - Poor Miss Finch, 12 Illustrations, 656 pages
Vol. XVI - The Dead Secret and Little Novels, with frontispiece, 590 pages
Vol. XVII - Antonina or The Fall of Rome, with frontispiece, 656 pages
Vol. XVIII - The Two Destines, a novel and Little Novels: Mr. Medhurst and the Princess, Miss Jeromette and the Clergyman, Mr. Captain and the Nymph, Mr. Marmaduke and the Minister, Mr. Percy and the Prophet, no frontispiece or illustrations
Vol. XIX - After Dark, 4 Illustrations, 544 pages
Vol. XX - My Miscellanies, no Illustrations, 540 pages
Vol. XXI - The Fallen Leaves, no Illustrations, 525 pages
Vol. XXII - The Haunted Hotel
Vol. XXIII - The Black Robe, no Illustrations, 448 pages
Vol. XXIV - The Evil Genius, A Domestic Story, no Illustrations, 464 pages
Vol. XXV - Heart and Science, a Story of the Present Time, no Illustrations
Vol. XXVI - The Legacy of Cain, a Novel, no Illustrations, 480 pages
Vol. XXVII - Jezebel's Daughter, no Illustrations, 416 pages
Vol. XXVIII - Blind Love.
Vol. XXIX - I Say No, no Illustrations, 512 pages
Vol. XXX -A Rogue's Life, From His Birth to His Marriage, and Little Novels: Miss Dulane and my Lord, Mr. Policeman and the Cook, no Illustrations, 320 pages


Many of Collins's works were issued in unauthorised editions by pirates such as the Fireside, Lovell and Seaside Libraries (New York); Lakeside Library (Chicago); and Peterson (Philadelphia).


Modern publishers which have re-issued Collins titles include Oxford University Press, Sutton Publishing (Stroud) and Dover (New York), all of whom have also issued various collections of short stories.  The 1994 Complete Shorter Fiction (edited by Julian Thompson) includes several short stories not previously re-issued or which originally appeared in America and had not been published in England.  The Wilkie Collins Society continues to re-issue Collins's lesser known works.

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