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The Illuminated Magazine August 1843


The ‘Last Stage Coachman’ was long considered Collins’s first identified publication until the discovery of ‘Volpurno’.  A Brief fantasy story lamenting the passing of the stage coach, displaced by the arrival of the railway.  It was first included in volume I of Douglas Jerrold’s Illuminated Magazine for August 1843 and this has been considered its only publication.  Further investigation now shows it was issued in several other British Newspapers in 1843, either in full or as an excerpt.


The Hampshire Advertiser & Salisbury Guardian, 5 August 1843 (excerpt).

Woolmer’s Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, 12 August 1843 (in full).

Manchester Times and Manchester and Salford Advertiser, 12 August 1843 (excerpt).

Gloucestershire Chronicle, 12 August 1843 (short excerpt).

Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, 19 August 1843 (excerpt).

Lloyd’s Weekly London Newspaper, 20 August 1843 (in full).

Coventry Herald and Observer, 1 September 1843 (excerpt).

Coventry Standard, 1 September 1843 (short excerpt).  

An excerpt also appeared in The Royal Cornwall Gazette, Falmouth Packet, and General Advertiser on 11 January 1850.  Another ‘Last Stage Coachman’ – not by Collins - was published in Tait’s Magazine, No. 144 for September 1852.


It was republished by the Wilkie Collins Society in November 1990.





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