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MARGARET CARPENTER (nee Geddes) (1793-1872)

Margaret Sarah Carpenter was the younger sister of Harriet Collins and Wilkie Collins's aunt.  A talented and successful portrait painter, she was encouraged and supported by Lord and Lady Radnor while still very young.  She moved to London and lived independently from 1812, exhibiting at the Royal Academy almost every year from 1814-1866.  In 1817 she married William Hookham Carpenter (1792-1866), later Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum.  They had seven surviving children, three of whom became painters.  Their daughter Jane, Wilkie Collins's favourite cousin, married Charles Ward.  Collins acquired Margaret Carpenter's portrait of his mother as a young girl from Jane's daughter, Margaret Ward, when he moved into Gloucester Place during 1867.  Margaret Carpenter's portait of Collins's paternal grandmother is now in the National Gallery of New Zealand.

Smith, R. J., 'Margaret Carpenter (1793-1872): A Salisbury Artist Restored', The Hatcher Review, 4 (Autumn 1993), pp 2-32.

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