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Alexander Geddes was Wilkie Collins's maternal grandfather, married to Harriet Easton in 1789.  After leaving the army in 1791, he settled near Salisbury in 1798 at Shute End House, on the Earl of Radnor's estate at Alderbury, where he lived for the next forty-five years.  Wilkie's mother, Harriet Collins, was the eldest of their six children.  Wilkie and Charles Collins spent holidays with their grandparents and the kindly, easy-going and improvident Alexander Geddes is probably the model for Zack Thorpe's grandfather in Hide and Seek.


HARRIET GEDDES (nee Easton) (1762-1842)

Harriet Geddes was Wilkie Collins's maternal grandmother.  She was the younger daughter of James Easton (1722-1799), a prominent Salisbury coal merchant and Mayor in 1785.  Harriet married Alexander Geddes in 1789.



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